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who are we.

So like you, we love the Lakes but we are lucky enough to live and work here.  We thought we’d share a few of our rides, runs, walks and other bits and pieces.


‘Life is about the journey not the destination.’


I know!  But with a destination like Langdale you will forget the journey in no time and then there’s a great breakfast, coffee and cake or a pint enjoying the banter.  After all you need a reward or to refuel after the effort and fresh air.


Technically we aren’t exceptional riders or amazing athletes we are just out to enjoy the run or the ride.   We don’t claim to know every rock in the Lakes but we are constantly exploring and looking for new places to ride or run.


Go on, get out there and enjoy it!

We make no apologies for our routes guides, we prefer to run, ride and walk rather than spend hours writing about it.   As such we are an unscrupulous bunch prepared to pinch, poach, pilfer, pirate, purloin, plagiarise and even very occasionally write our own stuff.  We are not trying to keep this a secret and where we don’t write it ourselves we try to be open about where we sourced it from (Check out ‘Source’ at the end of each route.)  If you want to send us some ideas feel free, the more who help the more riding we can do.

The Langdale valley.

The Langdale Valley MUST be one of the most beautiful places in the Lake District ... the famous and imposing Langdale Pikes are arguably the focal point of the valley and a must-see location for Lakeland visitors.

i can see the pub from here!
About the routes...